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When a buyer comes to Hampton Homes, we want to make sure we provide them with quality workmanship and a home equipped to meet and exceed the needs we set forth as a company. The Hampton Homes quality features list is comprised of the best materials and products we believe will give customers the home of their dreams.

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High Quality Construction


We stand by what we build, the products we use, and the subcontractors and

vendors who are part of the Hampton Family. 

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A new home purchase should come with peace of mind. You get just that with the warranties Hampton Homes  provides to keep you and your family safe. 

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Hampton Homes

Established in 2016, Hampton Homes, LLC brings over 20 years of real estate and homebuilding experience to the metro building area. It’s owner, Fred Thomas IV, has positioned Hampton Homes to be a driving force in the residential and multi-family construction arena for many years to come. With elite construction design and superior customer service, Hampton Homes wants to provide homeowners with more than just the standard buying experience.  The new belief is when you purchase residential construction from Hampton Homes, you’ve not only bought a new home, you’ve bought into a company who believes the customer isn’t just right, the customer is also family. Hampton Homes, “Trust Your Family With Ours.”

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114 Tecumseh Ridge Road, Norman OK 



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